Youth Program Residency Application

Apply to utilize the space/equipment to facilitate a youth program. Youth Residencies are chosen based on the potential to positively impact youth populations, accessibility to the surrounding community, and/or overall community benefit.

  • What skills do you hope to teach and what industries would they be applicable to?
  • For example: grant funding period, submission deadline, or school schedule.
  • For example, if you are working with computers, what specific programs and tools will be taught and for what purpose?
  • For example, are the students creating an item to take with them or will the result be used for a specific event or location? If so, detail where/when it is going/happening and what it is being used for.
  • Upload an itemized outline of any cost associated with the project.
  • Do you intend to offer sliding scale prices and/or scholarships? Outline below.
  • Outline what funding or donations you have, what you are working on getting, and what you still need.
  • If yes, please attach lesson plans. If not, do you need assistance developing lesson plans?
  • Are there any aspects of your project that you anticipate needing input, collaboration, and/or support from another artist, maker, and/or specialist? If yes, what specific skill sets are you seeking and for what purpose?