Residency Program

Small Business Residency Application

Apply as a small business for access to the space and assistance with scaling for a product line to be sold by your business for a profit. If you project has an output you intend to donate, please fill out the Community Asset Residency Application. Preference is given to projects that offer skill based training opportunities to the community.

Artist Project Residency Application

Apply to access the space and collaborate with community members to create a large work or a series of works. Residencies are required to provide skill based training opportunities for the community. If your project would not provide those opportunities, please use the Project Based Scholarship Application here.

Youth Program Residency Application

Apply to utilize the space/equipment to facilitate a youth program. Youth Residencies are chosen based on the potential to positively impact youth populations, accessibility to the surrounding community, and/or overall community benefit.

Community Asset Residency Application

Apply as an individual or organization to complete an asset project. This could be for the direct benefit of the applying organization/ individual, on behalf of an organization/individual, or a larger community/neighborhood. Preference is given to projects that could offer skill based training opportunities to the community. Projects are chosen based on need of applying organization, individual, or community; potential for positive impact; and practicality of completion in the space.