Our space will also feature programming designed to maximize our community footprint. Project and program based residencies will pair local artist, craftsman, businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits with community members in an effort to give opportunities for economic lift while encouraging collaboration, education, and connectivity. These residencies are separated into four categories:

Small Business

Emerging businesses and/or entrepreneurs can apply to produce merchandise in an applicable studio. The project must have a skill based training component and/or offer employment opportunities. Preference will be given to local businesses/entrepreneurs, particularly from the Hamilton Hill Community.

Artist Project

Individual artists can submit ideas for a large work or series of works. Studio placement and time frame is based on project needs. The project must have skill based training opportunities in order to be considered for residency booking. Preference will be given to projects with a positive community impact.

Youth Program

Due to the nature of the space, membership is restricted to age 18 or older. These residencies are designed to allow safe, guided access to youth populations. Programs are chosen based on educational content, diversity of population served, and potential community impact.

Community Asset

Individuals and/or organization can submit a beautification project for theirs or another’s benefit. These projects could could range from a bench or equipment for an outdoor space like a park or curtains for an interior space. Projects are chosen based on their potential for community impact.

Educational Programming

We are in the process of developing a Sewing Certificate Program in partnership with Fatima Bey, owner of Abishai, a local designer, seamstress, and tailor.

We are developing an Artist/Entrepreneurs Boot Camp in collaboration with Albany Barn and Community Loan Fund.

Program/Project Partners

  • SCAN on the Schenectady and Me public art project.
  • C.R.E.A.T.E Community Studios
  • Discover Schenectady
  • Hamilton Hill Arts Center
  • Center for Community Justice