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Featured Creator: Sincere Barmore

“I haven’t seen too many bowties with African print…”

This month’s featured creator works in our Fiber Arts studio, designing beautiful tailor made African clothing for local fashion shows and individuals.

Meet Sincere Barmore, owner of the clothing company Sincerely Black. Sincere makes beautiful African clothing to be modeled on the runway and sold tailor-made. He’s been sewing for just over a year, in the beginning making only bowties by hand. Since then, he’s made over 80 unique outfits of all different shapes and sizes.

“I began with bowties because I couldn’t afford to buy a sewing machine. Bowties were something I could do by hand.”

When Sincere first began making his bowties, he noticed something that intrigued him: there aren’t many bowties with African print. At first it was only an observation, hardly more than an idea. But sometime after that original thought he was sitting in a theater watching the film Black Panther when the aha moment suddenly hit him. Everyone was wearing dashikis in beautiful colors and patterns, and Sincere thought “I bet I can make those.” So began the path that lead Sincere to where he is today, inspired by Black Panther to commit to making African themed clothing full-time.

“Beyond the equipment and space, what I like most about working here at ECB is the networking. ECB allows me to meet people interested in my work that I otherwise would never have met.”

Starting next month, Sincere will begin preparing for his annual fashion show here at ECB. Mark your calendars! November 16, 2019 at the Barn: come and see all of the beautiful African clothing made by Sincere!

Check out Sincere on Facebook: Sincerely Black LLC
Or email him with business inquiries such as how can you order your own custom tailor made African clothing at: sincerelyblack7@gmail.com

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