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Featured Creator: Brittany Smith

Meet Brittany Smith, the lovely artist behind our new Tunnel Vision Gallery exhibit, “They’re Shaking My House.” The exhibit will open July 6, 2019 with an unveiling party 5:00-7:00PM at the Barn, and will run until August 27th.

Brittany Smith is an interdisciplinary artist based in Upstate, NY / Boston, MA. She received her BFA in Photography with a minor in history from Lesley Art + Design in 2017. Brittany has both exhibited her work and curated exhibitions in the greater Boston area. Her exhibition, Our Sweet Secret Language, was featured as Boston Hassle’s Best Exhibition of 2018. Brittany is a student member at Gallery 263 and she is currently working at Lesley Art + Design while organizing a new exhibition for 2019.

We got a chance to ask Brittany a few questions, and through her answers we (and now you) can get to know a little bit about her!

ECB: So for those who don’t know, who are you? And how long have you been creating your art?

BS: I call myself an interdisciplinary artist and curator! I use various mediums such as audio, video, installation and photography. I’ve been creating since high school, and decided to go to art school in Boston with all the support I received from my high school art teachers and peers. I then went on to receive my BFA in photography with a minor in history from Lesley Art + Design in 2017. My minor in history played a vital role in the work I made for my thesis, which can be seen on my website, bs4-46.com under “our new happy lives”

ECB: What inspires you and your work? 

BS: Books! And recently, poetry. Actually, the title of [my] exhibition [at ECB] comes from a passage in Jiddu Krishnamurti’s on love and loneliness that I can quote here real quick. In this compilation of words by Krishnamurti, he speaks about attachment regarding love and that our attachment to love involves comfort in a person or idea, he continues, “I think that most of us do want a comfortable secure idea which can never be shaken. I get terribly attached to it, and if anybody says it is nonsense, I get angry, I get jealous, I get upset because he is shaking my house”. This passage confirmed my feelings, and let me see that I had an idea of what love was and that I wanted to keep that in tact. We all have our own theories on what love is or what love is not,

that when our concept of that is stripped or changed we are heartbroken, confused or in denial. This exhibition shows my attachments to my ideas of love instead and the images show moments where I attempted to change my idea of what love was/is.

ECB: What project are you currently working on? 

BS: In the year prior, I took a mini hiatus from my art making practice to curate exhibitions. Last August I was able to curate my first exhibition and then plan for my second one that is upcoming this September. After gaining a little more curation experience, I decided to end that hiatus with my own studio practice, and create a new body of work. The project I am showing at Electric City Barn showcases some of the themes from my last exhibition, but here I am using photographs instead of installation and audio. This project showcases my conflicting feelings toward love and fantasies of romance via popular culture. The images directly follow the lines of a poem, and the poem and images flow in and out of each other, constantly referencing one another. The exhibition at ECB carries some of the phrases from the poem as well. I’m really excited to show the combination of the two. 

ECB: How do you think ECB and you can work together again in the future? 

BS: I would love to aid ECB in organizing future calls for work or inviting more artists I know into the fold here. There is a lot of potential here at ECB for more up and coming artists, and I would love to give them a platform that is accessible and affordable. In the future, I want to make more artist books, and I feel like the ECB and I could make that happen for me but also for other visual artists in the area. 

To learn more about brittany smith and her work, please join us at the opening of “They’re Shaking My House” July 6, 5:00-7:00PM at the Electric City Barn.

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