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Featured Creator: Jazzie Gray

This month’s featured creator works in our Digital Media Lab, using ECB membership to aid her work for the Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region, Inc.

“Capturing different voices and narratives to open the perspective-I guess that’s what the Underground Railroad [History Project] really stands for…”

Meet Jazzie Gray, a human ball of joy and a member at ECB! Jazzie has been a member here at Electric City Barn since March 2019, and she’s filled the Barn with her energy and enthusiasm ever since. Jazzie is an AmeriCorps VISTA at the Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region (URHPCR) in Albany, tasked with Capacity Building for the URHPCR. “I…bring as many people into the building as possible, whether it be visitors, donors–just all walks of life to support and build community. So I take on different projects that would try to involve those different sectors of people.”

Click here for more information about the Underground Railroad and what the Underground Railroad History Project is doing for the Capital Region.

“Her story is quite amazing…”

When we sat down with her, Jazzie was working on a video project about an elderly woman with an awesome story named Barbara Jackson, which she told us all about. Mrs. Jackson was born and raised in Albany, living in the Capital Region her entire life and experiencing all of the ups and downs of a growing city–from blatant racial segregation to the problems of today. What Jazzie and the URHPCR are trying to do is capture and spread Mrs. Jackson’s story, and others like her, before its too late. 

“We think its important to capture the community’s voice before its gone.”

We also asked Jazzie what she likes about Electric City Barn, and she told us:

“The Electric City Barn is helping me with this project because they have the software to put together the video, Adobe Premier, and I have access to the building at any time which is nice because I have an odd schedule…Also just meeting the different [ECB] members like Jeff [of Electric City Photography], who’s taught me things on Photoshop and given me headshots for my LinkedIn. So for me, ECB is a networking space as well as a space that I can easily utilize the tools that come with membership and being here. On top of it all, I have staff assistance. For instance, if I’m not sure how to scan in a photo (which seems easy enough!) or if I lose files on the computer, I know I have staff here to help me recover them and support me in many other ways”

Jazzie will sadly be leaving us in July and returning home to Baltimore as her VISTA term is ending. Fortunately, we’ll never be able to shake the contagious enthusiasm and joy that she’s brought to the Barn! We’ll miss you around here, Jazzie!


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