Project Based Scholarship Application

Apply for a scholarship to cover membership dues through the duration of a specific project. Projects are chosen based on ingenuity, potential for providing skill based training opportunities, and/or overall community benefit/impact.

  • Please upload at least 2 recommendations from individuals familiar with your body of work.
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    • Why did it fail? What did you learn? What aspects of the project did you like, despite it not accomplishing your original goal?
    • Upload an itemized outline of any cost associated with the project.
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      • Outline what funding or donations you have, what you are working on getting, and what you still need.
      • Please be as specific as possible. For example, if the project involves creating a series of paintings or sculptures, how many/ what size or any other details you consider relevant.
      • If so, detail where it is going and what it is being used for. For example, is it an item intended for your personal collection? If you have a show or gallery set up, give an address and a contact for the location.
      • Are there any aspects of your project that you anticipate needing input, collaboration, and/or support from another artist, maker, and/or specialist? If yes, what specific skill sets are you seeking and for what purpose?
      • If so, detail the projects, skills needed/taught, materials, and a rough time estimate for completion.